Programmer vs World is a podcast centered around asking the hard coding, programming, engineering and software architecture related questions but with a fun and humorous touch. Each podcast we select a specific topic and have a group discussion on it. Some of our questions are:

  • Should we really be using a NoSQL database for anything?
  • What is good code? Isn’t it really just a way of being egotistical and biased? You can’t really measure any of it.
  • Is Unity just a crutch for game programmers? Shouldn’t they learn the hard way?
  • Can you really write something that hasn’t been written before? Isn’t there a finite number of combinations? Does that make it a science and less art?
  • Why is it so hard for women to establish themselves in the industry?
  • Is DB direct really that bad? Aren’t you architects just a bunch of ivory tower service orientedĀ ass-clowns?
  • You’re never going to use a tablet as you main PC. Let’s be real about this.
  • Do we really need jQuery anymore? Just use document.querySelectorAll and shut up!
  • Will SPA hype be dead in a few years?

and much much more…..

Tune in or tune out, we nerds are going to get real.


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